Day 2: Bonn to Munich

Leaving Bonn by 9:00am meant that we arrived on the outskirts of Munich just before 2:30pm.

Before arriving in Munich we stopped off at the former site of the Dachau concentration camp for a couple of hours – an interesting but unsettling visit.

From there we stopped off at a supermarket on the way to the hotel and the evening essentially went down hill from there.

(Epic beer selection in the supermarket. Tempted to see how many crates would fit in the boot.)

The pre-booked car park at the hotel turned out to be not booked at all, and after 90 mins of waiting we were finally directed to space.

We headed off for dinner to then experience a lost in translation moment which resulted in a tuna pizza. The next 20 minutes were then spent trying to remove tuna from melted mozzarella; because we had spent so long in the car park ours were the last pizzas to be made before the restaurant closed so no more orders!

Making our way back to the hotel we then saw blue lights and heard a siren as a police car approached. As we pulled in to let it pass it stopped behind us – never a good sign.

We went through a red light – so we then had an explanation by two German policemen that the rules are the same as in London, we should know better and that we were being issued with a fine.

The car was still parked in the car park at this point (no way it was coming out after the time it took to park!) so this all occurred because we crossed the road on foot when the little red man was illuminated. The road was completely clear, but the German police didn’t seem to understand that point of view; €5 each for a little momento from the Munich police force.

Distance travelled: 345 miles

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